If you can stop watching that fucking mirror, you will see that a rope is tighted between two hills in front of you. Under you, all people’s eyes on you, you are awere that if you fall while you are on the roap there will be an ovation. They will acclaim you, you will become a hero. For a while. At the end you are only a fucking tightrope walker for them. […]

When You Stand Up In Front Of The Gorge
And You Can Finally See His Never Ending Fall

One Step Back! One Step Back!

Air Quietly Strokes Your Hair
Arouse Your Eyelash And Then A Breath
No! You Can’t. You Can’t Call You Back
Suck It Up And Be A Man.
One Step Back: The Past, With A Sad Line Of Blurry Regrets
One Step Forward: Death
With It’s Charming Smell Of A Female’s Sweat

Below, All Around, There Are Eyes And Mouths
Who Will Praise Your Fall With A Choral Shout
Down, The Blinding Spark Of The Dark
Up, The Gentle Side Of The Black
But Right In Front Of You… That’s The Only Chance.

And You’ll Be Ruthless Against The One
You Give For Free Your Smile And Your Heart
Cause There’s No Victim Or Culprit
As Every Cruelty You Suffer
Means Brutality You’ll Commit

One Step Back! One Step Back!

And Then You Choose, You Choose To Go On
You Think You’re God, The King, The Only One In The World
You Walk The Knife, Step By Step, But Nothing Feels Alright

And Then It Starts…
The Wire Begins To Move And A Single Breath Became Wind Which Means Death.
I’m Certain To Fall…
I’ll Hang In The Air…
These Are My Last Words…
Fuck You And Fuck Your God!