The hill opposite to you is in the mirror, mirrors reflect. And behind you another mirror, the one that made you see the other face. The rope connects the two hills, on the other hill there is a man standing: he is the beast watching you from a mirror. Arriving to the other hill means becoming the beast. […]

Purple Wall, All Around
Crystal Chandelier Darken Mind Crossing My Eyes
Charming Shadows Whispers: “Hi…”
“Can You Feel This Sadness?”
“We Can Feel Your Heart”

Blame Me!
You Feed On My Tears
Reflective Surface
Of My Deepest Fears

Look At That Man
To His Darken Regret, To The Lust To Escape From This Place
He Can’t Choose To Be Free
Buried By Faith
Forever Entrapped In This Cage

Look Closely Again,
Beyond That Desk
There’s A Crack On The Wall, Like A Flare…
Concrete Mirror Built,
I Can See Myself But I Can’t See How To Leave.

Please, Stay With Me…
Look (At) Me Again
So I Can Be Free

Awful Blaze, All Around
Did You Try To Cheat Me? So I Take Your Crown.
Almighty Shadows Tell Me Now
Can You Feel This Fire?
You Are Burning Down.

Grey Mist Down On My Feet
Beyond That Wall
There’s A Beast
Who Needs To Look At Me To Feel Free.

Fear To Walk, Gravity Jokes
And Fractal Reality Sketched On Smoke
No, I Can’t Fly High
I Must Pass Through The Glass
And Take Care Of Myself

Fear To Move, To Be Too Close
To That Thing Who Seems Live, To That Thing I See
There, In The Mirror
When I Look Through The Glass
There’s A Beast Who Can Breathe

I’ve Spent All My Life,
Watching This Cage, Sparkling Window Reflecting My Pain
Purple Paper Is Burn
My Reflection Envelopes My Heart.

Surrounded By Flames
Enchained By Faith, On That Wall Made Of Mirrors: Your Face.
Let The Fire Burn
Cross Your Weakness, Go Straight Through The Dark.

Please, Stay With Me…
Look (At) Me Again
So I Can Be Free