In his quite moving forward he raves his power: he is God of skies and earth. And mind. Like thunder for light, he his the phisical rapresentation of divinity. (“I’m like the thunder for light”). You are overcome by his power, small, on your knees. Firstly overcome on the surface, represented by his face. Now that you chose to know him you are overcome by his presence that comes nearer. He represents agony of the Father, you the fool at his court that exalts his name and choke with lies behind his teeth yellowed by tartar. […]

I’m Like The Thunder For Light
I’m Walking On The Line Between Natural And Divine
I Feel Your Whispers, I Take Your Life
I Own The Ground, The Sky, The Air And Your Mind

Stay On Your Knees, Licking My Feet
Don’t Raise Your Head, Don’t Breathe My Air, You Don’t Exist
Give Up Your Wisdom, All You Will See
It’ll Be My Darkness, Your Devotion In My Cruelty

Look At The King, In His Vain Majesty
You Are The Fool In The Presence Of (The) God Father’s Agony
Greeting His Name, Choking With Lies Hidden By Black Grubby Teeth
Shine In Your Wonderful Dress
Of Scratched Naked Skin
Burn In Your Black Flamed Heat

What Have I Done (To) Deserve This Sin Fate?
All Of My Breaths Are Knifes Inside My Sick And Cold Chest
This Is A Whisper, Last One Again,
Cause Your Existence Make My Own Without Hope, Man

I Keep Praying For Your Soul, In The Night, Far Away From Your Light, I Cry
All Of Your Weakness Push You Down To The Darkness Cause It’s Faith Defines Your Sickness
Keeping On My Cry, I Can’t Find No Mercy From You, God
You Gonna Die, You Gonna Die, You Gonna Suffer From My Pain Till You Slowly Die!

Look At My Ring: Could You See Some Defects On It?
Nothing Except A Golden Circle Forged With Geometry
There Are Two Points: One In The End And One In The Beginning
They Are The Difference Between
My Power And Your Misery
Now You Kneel Down And Kiss It.