The acoustic song. The cruel story of a child rape recounted in first person with simple and awful images. This is a prayer without hope.

‘Morning Father,
I Was That Kid On Your Bed…
I Was Sleeping But Now My Nightwear Is Wet
Cause I Was Dreaming Of Your Face Again
Maybe You Could Think It’s ‘Cause I Love U… Or Shit Like That
But I’m Just A Boy Scared To Death
Cause Every Time I Look In The Mirror’s Glass
I Feel Your Stinking Breath Brush My Hair
(And The Rape Starts Again…)

With The Name Of God On Lips,
You Rip My Body While You Kiss My Cheeks
Hungry Of Fear You Gag My Soul And Bound My Feet
… And What Happened Then

Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned
You Told Me That’s All My Fault
This Scourge Is My Redeem For My Sins
But Tell Me Father, Please:
What Have I Done To Deserve This?
I Heard Jesus Cry
I Saw Jesus Lie To A Child
Please… Bring Me Back To My Daddy, Please….

Dear Father,
I Was That Kid Standing By Your Right Hand
Now I’m Your Raped Lamb And I’ll Always Feel Sick… Again And Again.
So, Tell Me:
Will I Ever Redeem Myself From This Sin?
Will I Ever Forget You… You And Your Cursed Gift?
I Can Feel A Monster Grow Up Inside Me
I’m The Pregnant Child Of A World On Wait List
And… You Know? I Have To Tell You Something, Man…
There Ain’t Nothing Else I Can Feel.

With My Eyes Full Of Tears, Lying On My Chest
I Was In Front Of (The) Rood,
You Was In Front Of God
While You Fuck Me Like A Bitch.
It Is Pain All I Can Feel
You Have To Kill Me, Now
You Have To Slay Me Now
Now I’m Lying Down On My Knees
Now I’m Suffering,
Cause If I Live…
But Deliver Us From Evil.