We are still mixing the album with Andreas (Magnusson). I say “with” because we are working together like never before and this is great! This is necessarily taking some more time because we all know perfection is hard to achieve (better say impossible but we are deaf on this concept) but we are pretty sure Continua

We can officially announce that we finished recording!!!

We can officially announce that we finished recording!!! We thank Jonny of Mathlab recording studio for the great work so far and for the remaining work of editing. We will be ready to send the files for mix to Andreas Magnusson during next week! I think the album will be ready first days of April! Continua

Studio Update!

We are in the studio since saturday. We work 16 hours every single day to be able to finish before Sunday. We have ambitious projects to be fulfilled in such a small amount of time. We will never thank Jonny enough for his dedication and for being such a great professional See you soon 👊 Continua

Studio Update!

Back in the studio today! Guitars and vocals now…we see the light! Continua

Postpone all recordings!!!

Ale is ill so we are forced to postpone all recordings scheduled to next week😢 His rage is raising so we are sure they will come out even better!👊 Continua


Studio update: We finished tracking drums! Now guitars, bass and vocals starting from february 20 at MathLab Recording Studio! Continua

Antonio starts recording drums today!!!

Recording will start real soon…. We will start with drums on february 8th at NMG recording studio. Four days of hard work for Antonio! The studio is equipped with super cool analog equipment to allow Antonio to give us the best drums to date! Picture and studio report coming soon after!!! Antonio starts recording drums Continua

It’s official! We will enter the studio on February 8!

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: We are glad to announce that “The Freak Show” will be mixed by Andreas Magnusson in his own studio of Richmond (VA). He previously worked with many bands like Fit For A King, The Black Dahlia Murder, Oh, Sleeper, The Browning, Despised Icon, Born of Osiris, The Agony Scene, This or the Apocalypse. Continua





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